Sunday, 17 April 2011

Working to a Timetable...

We all find it hard to work to a timetable - it restricts us and binds us, but this is a lovely one that was given away to Puffineers courtesy of the pen of Jill McDonald. Its only downside is that I would have hated to write on it and ruin its beautiful proportions and balance.


Friday, 18 March 2011

Joy unbounded.....

This picture was forwarded to me by Nick Campbell who used one of my restorations on a great article on Kaye Webbs biography.  His blog is well worth visiting and is very well written.

This is one of the pictures that have been placed online by the guys at Seven Stories.

This is a picture from the Kaye Webb Archive, and it is evidently a picture of a small part of the body of work that Jill MacDonald created in her time at Puffin.

I know that times are tough, but I would urge support of the work that is done at Seven Stories. The care of literature for children is so important.

Due to requests and comments -  here is a link to Kaye's page at the Seven Stories website

Friday, 11 February 2011

Four year member card

I received my Four year members badge attached to one of these, but it was so badly crumpled and torn by the badge that it eventually disintegrated. This is a nicely reconstructed one. Like the founders card, it's about A6 in size. The badge, as regular visitors to the site will know, is black! And yes, I still proudly wear mine....pinned to my battered bush hat.

I love the treatment of the '4'! It's something that Jill seemed to do without any effort.

I don't know if the new club intends on doing the same thing. From what I've seen, it looks like the new badge changes colour each year. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Founding Fathers (and Mothers) will remember this...

Founders card with badge attached
Here's the Founder card, purchased at great expense! Most of these were crumpled up, lost or just thrown away!

As regular visitors to the blog will know, I was pipped to the post by the author of 'Puffin by Design' for one of these a while ago, and it took a fair bit of searching, waiting, and just plain luck to get hold of this. 

This one needed a fair bit of restoring to its current minty fresh look.

It's a great example of Jill's lovely calligraphy and a great way to see both styles of her graphic design work.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Where did that year go?!

Dear visitor,

Sorry I haven't been up to the mark for a long while - it's been......well, you know how it is.

This lovely image was one of Jill's 'banner' illustrations that appeared on the opening pages of Puffin Post.

The mysterious letter was one from Prince Philip (D of E) congratulating Puffineers for raising money to buy the length of coast that is still a Puffin Sanctuary.