Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Puffin Post no.1 pages 3 and 4

Slightly earlier than planned - here are pages 3 and 4! Of course, now that we have digital presses and (almost) everything is computerised, things have changed slightly. It's funny to have a Puffin Post without the presence of Jill McDonald on every page - but important none the less.

For those who are interested, the first Puffin Post was only 10.5cm x 7cm - the same size as the old membership books!

Image from the collection of Ruth - Founder member 1487 - Restored S. Hassan Nov 2008


goooooood girl said...

i like......

Kathryn said...

oh what joy...I was Founder Memeber 11306 and as an only child whose greatest happiness lay in books, the Puffin Club was just bliss.
I was so sad that it had disappeared when my own children caught the book bug - and am now pondering whether I know anyone of the right age to enroll in the new incarnation.
Meanwhile, it's lovely to have a chance to revisit.
Thank you :-)

Thin Puffin said...

Thanks for your comments Kathryn, I'm finding that the club has been a real friend to many children in the past - and we all thought it was just us! What an amazing and diverse family we have become!