Friday, 18 July 2008

Puffin Post Vol.5 no.3

Isn't this fantastic?! Jill was on form that day. This took a bit of cleaning up - several creases and wear to the edges, not to mention yellowing due to age! It's cleaned up nicely.
This issue included:

Short stories:
The Day I didn't have my photograph taken - by Janet Hitchman
Cosmic George - by Scoular Anderson
The Buffalo - by Beatrice Tanaka

An article by Gerald Leach about being eco-friendly with the worlds resources (not such a new concept then!)
Peter Dickinson explaining about Heartsease
Micheal Bond introduces Olga da Polga

Pictures from the Colony Holiday in Chichester, August 1971 and various other events...

And a reminder to order the new 1972 Puffin Diary!


a fat puffin said...

This issue or the one proceeding it had a competition to design a junkyard theme cover and I was my age group winner of that. Somewhere I probably still have a winner certificate and the prize which was a secret puffin diary thing. I also have my regular and fIve year black badge. I keep reading online the black badges were for four years but I'm pretty sure they were for five. I have a lot of puffin club memorabilia stashed away including a fat puffin mug. I was a fanatical member as a child and read many wonderful books as a result.

Thin Puffin said...

The black badge really was for Four year members - I posted the card it was pinned on in February 2011. Time plays tricks on us all!