Monday, 28 July 2008

Puffin Post Vol.7 no.3

Time for Odway the dog to get the main billing for a change! This issue featured the first episode of the Odway strip 'Ye Great Enigma of ye Golden Fleas' - a perfect example of the surreal humour of Jill McDonald.

This issue featured:

Short Stories:

How the Starling Flew South - by Paul Biegel
The Romance of a plain Princess - by Ursula Moray Williams

Meet your Author - Joan Lingard, The Book that nearly wasn't written
Beginnings by Jane Gardam
Can we save our Wildlife - by Kenneth Mellanby (Another environmental article!)
Brand Rustling - by Ken Ullyat

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Andy said...

I actually had this issue. :-)

Thanks so much for the lovely brings back such great memories of reading as a child and being a member of the Puffin Club. It makes me want to rummage through all my boxes of books and papers and see if I can find that Puffin Club member's booklet I once had. It's a real treat to see the old issues, pictures, and badges. Thanks for all the hard work.

Best wishes from Canada!
Andy (a once-upon-a-time Puffin)