Friday, 18 July 2008

Fat Puffin loves you...

This is the graphic designed by Jill McDonald for a Puffin Mug that was given away as prizes and sold at various Puffin Exhibitions in the late 70's.

I had my mug safely stored away and then my eldest daughter managed to smash it!

After sticking it back together, I photographed it and then reconstructed a clean image. A bit of a labour of love, but I loved the translation of the plimsol line on the side of Fat Puffins tum.

I may get round to getting it put on a new mug and let you see how it looks.


fabhat said...

I have one of those mugs - mine is missing a handle, but sits on my desk and makes me smile. I also have a puffin moneybox - does anyone else have one of those?

Thin Puffin said...

I'd love to see a picture of that! If you can find a way of getting it to me, I'll restore the graphic for other enthusiasts